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Curbed Ethics Policy

As a part of Vox Media, Curbed adheres to the Vox Media Editorial Ethics & Guidelines and to the terms below.


Curbed has advertisers on our site; they are our primary source of revenue. Our company, Vox Media, employs a dedicated advertising team responsible for selling ad space on Curbed. The Curbed editorial team does not accept money or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. All editorial content on Curbed is based on the editorial team’s discretion, not on the desire of any company, advertiser or PR firm.

However, some of our editorial content is made possible through the support of sponsors. This content is clearly marked as content "Presented by" the applicable sponsor. Our sponsors may select which content they wish to support, however we do not allow our Sales teams, Vox Creative, or our sponsors to control or interfere with the editorial integrity of our editorial teams and the content they create.

Some of our content may contain marketing links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links. In our editorial content these affiliate links appear automatically and our editorial teams are not influenced by our affiliate partnerships. Vox Media does employ a commerce team to optimize certain content for affiliate revenue, and such content is marked as such by including a similar affiliate links disclosure.


Curbed makes every effort for stories to be accurate upon publication. Mistakes brought to our attention will be corrected, with any updates highlighted in the story, either at the bottom of the post or in-line with text when appropriate. It is our policy not to remove entire stories, though we will remove photography that infringes on licensing rights, if and when that should happen and is so advised by Vox Media’s legal team.


Any employee of Curbed who has a spouse, partner, or other close relationship with an employee of a company which Curbed covers will disclose the relationship on the site and/or recuse themselves from coverage of that topic. This is mostly applicable in a situation whereby the editor would benefit from such a relationship, i.e. if an editor’s spouse is a realtor, and the editor’s site runs a listing of theirs (by selling the property, the editor’s spouse and the editor would stand to benefit financially).

Other employment

Employees of Curbed may not be otherwise employed by or receive compensation from real estate companies, real estate developers, architects, interior design firms and companies that they are likely to cover as part of their news beat, nor are they permitted to have any advisory role (paid or unpaid) at those companies.

Professional appearances

Our editors and news writers are often asked to appear in a professional capacity as experts on various television, news, radio, or other media. These appearances do not constitute endorsement of any products, companies, or services discussed.

Gifts and freebies

We do not accept gifts or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story, whether favorable or unfavorable. Any gifts accepted will be of minor value and in no way compromises or guarantees editorial coverage of the event, product, or service.


From time to time, Curbed will conduct contests and giveaways for its audience. Rules for each contest will be posted publicly, and they will be binding on contestants who decide to participate. While giveaways or contests may be sponsored by an advertiser or partner, they are not, and should never be considered, endorsements of the companies involved or their products. Curbed employees are not allowed to participate in such contests.

Press trips

Curbed writers do occasionally participate in press trips, if the location and scope are relevant to our coverage area. Coverage resulting from a sponsored trip is never guaranteed, and opinions expressed in any resulting coverage is not vetted with the trip sponsor. We will also disclose such a trip at the bottom of any resulting story published.