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The bath bubble

With freestanding tubs, we’re embracing self-care, seeking status, and perhaps feeling a little lonely.

The quest for the perfect closet

What today’s idealized closets and pantries say about our inner lives.

The rise of round

Cute furniture is a reprieve from our age of anxiety.

Why does everyone have that rug?

How quatrefoil became a bridge between old and new styles.

Why green has overtaken our home decor

Environmentalism, a ’70s revival, and our need to be soothed.

The rise of velvet in the age of attainable luxury

The fabric is a tactile oasis in a world of visual distraction.

How the ‘modern farmhouse’ look took over

The phrase "modern farmhouse" once referred to an actual, newly built farmhouse, but today it conjures a checklist of decor elements that are a little bit country, a little bit industrial, and a whole lot of white paint.

The rise of stadium seating

Why we’re so obsessed with stairways to nowhere.

Paint it black

Why homes with dark exteriors have gone mainstream.

How terrazzo got its groove back

The composite material, out of favor for decades, is back—brighter and bolder than before.