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Everything you need to know about your home, from securing a mortgage to painting your living room.

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Refresh your home with The Small Fix newsletter

Introducing The Small Fix, a four-week newsletter challenge with actually achievable projects to make your home look more polished.

What I wish I’d known when budgeting for a renovation

Tips for staying on track, without delays or a ton of expected costs.

16 easy, affordable ways to upgrade your rental

Frustrated with a bland apartment? We’ve rounded up 16 landlord-friendly ways to make a rental feel more like home.

Best apps and sites for selling used home goods

There are more options than ever to help you offload used items around the house—or score a bargain on something you actually want.

Making room for dinner with friends

The author of The Friendsgiving Handbook offers a few simple hosting how-to’s.

Do you hear marbles rolling in your apartment? You’re not alone.

Why so many apartment dwellers hear the sound of rolling objects through the ceiling.

Testing for lead at home, explained

We ask three experts for advice on lead risk, testing, and removal for both homeowners and renters.

Best outdoor furniture: 18 picks for any budget

We break down the different types of outdoor furniture—like teak, aluminum, and wicker—and share over a dozen picks at various price points.

How to up your candle game this holiday season

We share our best candle tips and product picks just in time for holiday prep.

The city dweller’s guide to gardening

To help city or apartment dwellers with little to no outdoor space, we’ve compiled the best products for gardening in small spaces.

outdoor furniture
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The best bed sheets to buy right now

With so many different options, the world of bed sheets can be hard to navigate. This handy guide can get you up to speed.

Photo of modern furniture in display room arrangement
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Outdoor lighting: A beginner’s guide

To help you get started, we asked two experts for tips and advice on choosing outdoor lighting products for your home.

Where to buy midcentury furniture, according to Curbed readers

Whether you own an original midcentury gem or just aspire to, one of the easiest ways to incorporate the style into your everyday life is with furniture.

Holiday hosting ideas to steal from 10 gorgeous homes

Tables and pepper mills, and everything in between—there’s something for every flavor.

Where to buy plants online

Nowadays, you can find plenty of houseplants that can be ordered online and shipped directly to your door.

Renovating a midcentury modern home: 9 tips from an expert

From what to do about wall paneling to the best landscaping, here are nine tips for restoring a midcentury modern house.

After Ikea: 12 mid-range furniture stores that won't break the bank

Where should you shop when you’ve outgrown the DIY-attitude of easy assembly and flat-packed transport? We’ve got you covered.

8 tips for buying antique furniture

One of our favorite places to furniture shop is at an antiques store or an auction house—but how can you tell trash from a treasure?

How to save on utility bills

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your savings with these tips from the pros.

The best sleeping hacks for a good night’s rest

We surveyed Curbed editors to find out how to get the best ZZZs, from the best sheets to top meditation apps.

Shop 'hygge': Curbed's guide to cozy home decor

Instead of fighting cabin fever this winter, do as the Danish do and embrace the concept of "hygge."

Got old fixtures after a reno? Here’s what to do with them

Before you toss dated lighting, banged-up doors, or worn tiles in the dumpster, consider these more sustainable options.

How long household appliances are supposed to last

Experts dish on the lifespan of common household appliances, so you can put your mind and wallet at ease.

36 wood pallet projects you can DIY for cheap

Examples of innovative pallet furniture that show how recycled pallets can become chic decor.

The best furniture for tiny apartments

See our picks for space-saving furniture that doesn’t skimp on style, with pieces for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and beyond.

How to design your perfect kitchen

Architect Cindy Black has redesigned more than 200 kitchens—here are her nine must-dos for creating the ideal kitchen, plus her tips for creating an intimate dining room.

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So you want a kitchen island? Here’s what to consider first

A kitchen island isn’t exactly an one-size-fits-all solution. Here’s what you should consider when planning for one.

10 ways to make the most of a tiny kitchen

A tiny kitchen can feel like a curse, but it can become manageable and charming if you know how to take full advantage of all the available space.

8 easy remodeling ideas to revamp your kitchen

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? Try these expert-recommended updates.

How to choose a rug for your living room?

Finding a rug that frames your living room perfectly is no easy feat. These tips can help.

Meet your new essential guide to creating a home in the modern age

Welcome to the redesigned Curbed Handbook.

9 ways to brighten a dark room

Try these tips out and watch your room light right up.

5 wall decor ideas perfect for renters and DIY lovers

If your idea of a well-appointed home is anything but an empty wall, then good news: The market is brimming with options to dress things up.

Where to buy affordable home essentials

Here’s a brief guide to buying quality home essentials at retailers from Ikea, Target, West Elm, and more.

What I wish I’d known before hiring an architect

Here are lessons learned from a bumpy renovation.

6 tips for finding an apartment in a city you don’t live in yet

Renting a home without physically seeing it before you move in is not ideal, but it’s not impossible either. Here are six tips to make it less painful.