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I'm a New York–based writer interested in stories about how design reflects and affects culture: everything from the hidden inequality of streetscapes to how algorithms are reshaping our world and the environmental crisis.

I'm primarily interested architecture, urbanism, technology, and product design. Before coming to Curbed, I covered these topics and more at Co.Design and Dwell. I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and studied art history and environmental policy at the University of California, Davis.

Isamu Noguchi’s fascinating quest to design the perfect ashtray

The midcentury artist’s failed attempt to create a universal tabletop accessory tells a deep story about how he perceived the power of sculpture.

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The Italian radicals who imagined utopia

They fought consumerism, inequality, and sexism through furniture and design.

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The subversive power of uncomfortable furniture

"We all seem to seek comfort, but how much comfort is good?" asks the curator of a new exhibition.

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Will upzoning neighborhoods make homes more affordable?

Cities and states across the country are proposing new upzoning laws to combat the housing crisis. Will they work?

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Has minimalism gone too far?

Misunderstood as an aspirational home design aesthetic, minimalism is due for a reappraisal, according to a new book.

What the housing debate misses when all the candidates onstage are white

In this country, race still influences where and how you live. The Democratic debate lost the voices that can explain why.

The world’s oldest design techniques might be the most radical

A new book explores what we can learn from people who have mastered living with the land for millennia.

What I learned from a year in utopias

2019 saw a flood of interest in idealized ways to live. But to what end?

How the 2010s changed interior design

A design journalist reflects on the decor trends that defined the last decade.

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The urbanist with a plan for the LA River

To landscape designer Mia Lehrer, making LA more livable is all about peeling back the concrete.