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You can now stream PBS’s new documentary on legendary architect Paul Williams

This Black History Month, the legendary architect is getting his star turn as the subject of the new PBS documentary, Hollywood’s Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story.

These luxury prefabs are going fully off-grid

Dvele homes will now come with a new thermal envelope, solar power, and a backup battery system.

Barn-like modern home does simplicity right

The serene home cuts a striking geometric silhouette on 45 pastoral acres at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York.

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The best things to do in SF this winter

Explore the city’s architecture, art exhibits, and outdoor attractions.

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Bright Paris apartment maximizes space with built-ins

A renovation split one bedroom into two and filled the living room with clever built-ins.

Dreamy indoor-outdoor home wraps around a lush courtyard

The house is a gorgeous patchwork of textures and materials.

Designer treehouses mix tropical and industrial style

The thatched roof structures sit atop spindly steel bases, creating an airy but sturdy place to take in the views.

New shipping container home offers a bit of Brutalist charm

The structure is reinforced with cement panels and clad in black metal siding and large wood-framed windows to let in lots of natural light.

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Large garage transformed into flexible backyard home

The finished result is a full-service home with an open kitchen and living room, bedroom, bathroom, and plenty of opportunities for reconfiguration.

Cozy A-frame embraces the simple pleasures

There’s nothing complicated about this A-frame-topped house, but that’s really the beauty of it.

Bunker-like concrete house built around a courtyard pool

The home centers around an almost labyrinthian outdoor space, complete with a shallow pool, narrow walkway, and angled nooks.

Airy cantilevered house frames nature views

The 1,450-square-foot home house takes advantage of the mountainous views with expansive glass walls, as well as terraces created from the offset volumes.

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A modern mountain house clad in black metal and concrete

The visual separation is also a functional decision: The architects wanted to build two houses in one.

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An indoor-outdoor home complete with a statement roof

The soaring main living area features a glass wall that leads out onto a deck with a narrow pool and plenty of lush plants filling the backyard.

Two modern homes cleverly packed into one narrow lot

The split-level layout manages to create both moments of intimacy and openness.

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A love letter to Glen Park’s Brutalist BART station

This unsung hero of "brooding grandeur" is the Bay Area’s most stunning transit station, period.

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Coastal home balances modern and vernacular style

The architects wanted to build the family vacation home in the style of classic Nova Scotian architecture—simple form, gabled roof—but add some modernity with the materials.

Renovated apartment looks fresh with plenty of arches and green

A deep blue-green hue is a theme throughout the home, showing up on kitchen cabinets, doors, walls, including arched recessed pockets.

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A luxury shipping container home designed for fire-prone areas

Buhaus, a combination of "Malibu" and "Bauhaus", is an elevated take on the shipping container home, emphasizing clean lines and functionality.

Modern loft-style apartments built atop a dentist’s office

The apartments feature huge skylights inside, plus expansive floor-to-ceiling windows toward the rear.

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Compact indoor-outdoor house comes swathed in neutrals

Clad in black metal and a shiplap timber that’s also used on the interior, the home is streamlined and modern without feeling the slightest bit cold.

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A perfectly simple cabin rises in the wilderness

Sitting on land that had been handed down in the family for generations, the cabin with a 750-square-foot footprint is simple in form, but rich in detailing.

Wine country barn renovated into simple family retreat

Faulkner Architects kept things simple with this temporary residence in the heart of California’s Sonoma Valley.

Modern prefab row houses embrace solar power

The custom-designed roofs are angled to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.

A modern cabin in the woods inspired by Thoreau

The Edifice, a 500-square-foot cabin in upstate New York’s Catskills region, is an ode to "reduction".

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Is this $5.7M Vegas mansion worth its tremendous environmental cost?

This year’s New American Home has views of the Strip—and the building industry’s recklessness.

Iconic Art Nouveau house Villa Majorelle will soon reopen for tours

France’s Villa Majorelle, which just wrapped up a key phase of interior restoration, is a gorgeous example of the ornate style.

Modern house in the forest welcomes darkness

A large, central volume holds the main living areas, while the two side volumes contain a garage, storage, and naturally, a sauna.

Ikea is building a city store with lots of trees and no parking?

A new store under construction in Vienna could be a glimpse of what urban shoppers can expect from the retailer.

Sunny apartment basks in head-to-toe yellow

The 500-square-foot duplex apartment is swathed in a monochromatic yellow shade that covers walls, tiles, furniture, and even carpet.

New modular prefabs designed to be backyard homes

Ranging from 388 to 491 square feet, kitHAUS’s latest models cater to the booming ADU market.

The world’s oldest design techniques might be the most radical

A new book explores what we can learn from people who have mastered living with the land for millennia.

Solar-powered farmhouse makes use of hemp throughout

Built on a 53-acre farm, the Flat House takes advantage of the property’s biggest resource—hemp.

Sleek all-white house is maximal minimalism

The dramatic facade is matched by an equally white and striking interior furnished sparsely with black and gray pieces.

Historic Brutalist building by Marcel Breuer will be transformed into a hotel

The long vacant building, last owned by Ikea, recently sold for $1.2 million.

In the supertall era, is the sustainable skyscraper a myth?

The prolific pace of skyscraper construction comes as architects and advocates are increasingly concerned about sustainability.

Airy modern house features translucent mesh facade

This light-filled home in Bangkok is a breath of fresh air in the form of a house.

Futuristic prefab home comes with AI assistant

Nestron’s Cube models come outfitted with built-in furniture, solar panel roofs, and an AI assistant named Canny.

Simple backyard shed is a glowing retreat

This design-savvy garden shed is made of a timber frame and clad in plastic shingles that overlap to create a latticed pattern.